We are super proud to officially introduce our next up and coming artist, Sharleene Rivera.


Sharleene has been a rock star in our studio for the past year. If you have called in or emailed, you’ve likely talked to her. As much as we don’t want to lose her at the desk, her artistic talent is undeniable and she has been working so hard to get to this stage of her apprenticeship. She has earned this and is READY for this opportunity!


Sharleene has always loved art and has a natural eye for details. She prefers to work in a complex, ultra realistic style. She is currently seeking canvases to continue to practice on, before graduating her apprenticeship. She will be offering her services, FREE OF CHARGE, for a very limited time. If you are interested in being a canvas, please submit an inquiry. Note that preference will go to original designs. We are so excited for her and appreciate any of you that are willing to help her along the journey.



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