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Born, & raised in New York City, Hector Daniels was naturally attracted to the arts.

Throughout grade, & high school, Hector spent time in between studies doodling not only for himself, but for his fellow classmates as well.

In college he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied advertising design, & illustration, & it was at that time where Hector first entered the tattoo community.

In school, he would act as a medium for students looking to get tattooed by assisting his classmates in designing, & creating images for them. They then would find the tattooist of their choice  to apply the image to their skin.

It was in that space that a friend of Hector’s would recommend him go to a local tattooer. Not to be tattooed by this individual, but to ask to be an apprentice.

Hector received the apprenticeship opportunity in the summer of 2001, & has lovingly been tattooing ever since.

With a passion for calligraphic linework, bold color, & smooth shading; Hector has worked hard at meeting his clients needs by utilizing various  styles, & strategies.

From word of mouth, all through todays modern day social media referrals, Hector continues to deliver, & share his talents daily.


Hector has tattooed in various studios throughout New York City,  & has also owned, & operated his own studio in Black Rock Connecticut for over 10 years as well.


In August 2021, Hector had yet another opportunity to elevate his craft. This time in moving away from ownership, & more towards travel, & exposure to different markets.

In moving to Atlanta, Hector has worked with the talent of artists in such studios as The Tattoo Dojo, Stygian Gallery, & finally JP Alfonso Studios.


“For me, it all about meeting my clients’ needs & coming through for them. They trust me with their time, & body, & in my opinion, I have no choice but to provide them with my absolute best. We work as a team, & all I sincerely want for them when they leave the studio is a smile on their face, & compliments from whomever is viewing their work. That’s everything to me!”

-Hector Daniels


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