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Yhonnatan Fica 

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Yhonnatan Fica, is an artist born in Chile, began in this beautiful art thanks to the help of a tattoo artist friend, who advised and guided him in his first steps. He left his career in Army Aviation after flying Helicopters for 7 years in Chile, to practice this millennial art, from the beginning he was very self-taught and liked to attend seminars, courses, conventions and how much he could absorb from those who would be future colleagues, he was always very struck by the color work on tattoos and the complexity that they entail, as well as making complex coverages (Coverup). Hard work and perseverance began to bear fruit years later, gaining various recognitions in tattoo conventions, and appearing in Magazines both in Chile and in the United States.

For him, the motivation is always to expand knowledge and friendships, which currently leads him to develop his career in the United States, in the state of Georgia, surrounded by excellent artists.

Some of the most important recognitions he has are:

-1st place Black And Grey (Summer Ink Convention-Chile) 2019 -1st place Full color and best of the Show (10th Iquique-Chile Tattoo convention) 2020 -1st place Full color Large (Ink the Bay-Tampa,FL) 2022 -2th place Full color International (DGN Tattoo Magazine)2022 -2th Place International Versatile (DGN Tattoo Magazine)2022

He is grateful for the life he has had to live, the unconditional support of his beautiful family and friends, as well as professionally of his Sponsors; •Newtech Tattoo Supplies •JCONLY That have supported him and have allowed him to develop his work in the best way.

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